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Housewives Grow is a cannabis community for homegrowers to connect, learn and grow together over the love of plants.

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Cannabis homegrow guides and information detailing growing and harvesting. Everything from beginner setup to processing.

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HG community articles featuring members experiences, and expert breakdowns. Plus, the latest in homegrow happenings and news.

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Join a growing community of cannabis homegrow hobbyists–created for all plant-loving levels ranging from beginner to expert.

What is Housewives Grow?

A community to connect, learn and grow with other cannabis homegrowers.

Welcome new seedlings and friends! If you’re here to learn more about growing cannabis at home, you’re in the right spot! Housewives Grow community was born out of love for the cannabis plant.

We have a mission to normalize indoor cannabis home growing as a hobby for anyone interested (where legal, of course) and connecting others over the fascinating journey to learn and grow together.

Welcome! I’m excited to be your community grow host.

The stigma against cannabis still limits homegrow knowledge sharing. Housewives Grow was born from a love of the plant and a commitment to creating an inclusive place for women to share home growing experiences and connect with other hobby growers.

Brandi Javorsky

HG Community
Grow Host